May 30, 2019

Instagram May 30, 2019 @ 10:45

It’s funny that John Peter is wearing an Avengers shirt, we think of him as a hair superhero! Come up with a name for him…go! 🏼‍♀️
May 28, 2019

Instagram May 28, 2019 @ 08:30

Reverse balayage done right! After coming in with damaged and overprocessed hair, we were able to bring life back to Barby’s hair with the help of […]
May 23, 2019

Instagram May 23, 2019 @ 17:05

Why are we wearing Red Noses today? Swipe to find out in possibly the most adorable video you’ve seen all day! @rednosedayusa
May 20, 2019

Instagram May 20, 2019 @ 20:01

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