Consultations – They’re NOT dead

Well…maybe for some salons, but here at BS HairShop… they never went anywhere. Why do we take time out of our busy days to sit and talk with you? It’s simple. We care. There are so many benefits to the thorough consultations we go through with all our clients.

Finding the right stylist

You did all your research (hopefully) and decided that our salon was the right one for you. In turn, once you walk through our doors and sit down with us, we need to make sure you are placed with the right stylist. It’s all about having the right chemistry and not only making sure we “jive” but making sure that we are comfortable with the look you want to achieve as well.

Setting Expectations

We know how easy it is…Instagram, Pinterest, you name it. Gorgeous hair pics are everywhere and getting swept up is inevitable. When you come in with hair inspiration, we want to make sure to educate you on the ins-and-outs of the look before we move forward with anything.

  • Our philosophy
  • Getting to the look you want
  • Styling requirements
  • Products needed
  • Maintenance

Going over these expectations helps us make sure the look you’re going for matches your lifestyle, personality, and capabilities. There’s nothing better than getting complimented when you do your own hair, so we want to make sure any look we give you is easily achievable at home. We usually end up creating a personalized version of the visuals that inspire you and also create a plan around it that we explain as thoroughly as possible.

Ditch the nerves

It’s always a little nerve-wracking when you start a “relationship” with a new stylist… or even if you’re visiting your usual stylist, but making a big change. Our consultations help eliminate that. If you’re totally aware of what to expect and feel confident in your stylist, those jitters will turn into excitement once you hit the chair.

We do draw the line sometimes

It’s important to know that while we do love to please our clients, we are not a “YES” salon. Sometimes we do go through the consultation process with a potential client and we are just not a right fit, and that’s okay! It’s exactly why we do the consultations in the first place. Sometimes clients don’t agree with our healthy hair philosophy or want something that we just don’t feel comfortable doing. Once you walk out of our HairShop, you become a walking, talking advertisement of our work, and we take great pride in that! When you look good, so do we.

We get so many “hair rescues” through our doors, and those clients are surprised (then relieved) at our thorough consultation process when they first visit us. That’s because the last salon they went to just sat them down, looked at their inspiration pics and got to work.

We consider our clients our family. In the end, it all boils down to releasing your inner badass by way of hair…and you can’t be a badass if you don’t feel sexy and confident. This is why we stand by our consultation process!

A little BS your way…

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